Technology makes us more human…

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In class today we were told to watch this video and answer the question whether or not we agree that technology makes us more human. The video was pretty interesting and it was really neat to see all the different ways technology has allowed people to express ideas and connect with one another on an idea. However weather that makes us more human or not, I’m not entirely sure. As humans we want to socialize and talk and connect about things we care about. However also to be human is to be able to adapt to what we have on hand and make do with what is around us. With the technology to work with someone on the other side of the world doesn’t really go along those lines. Yes humans made that technology possible and humans made it work for them but not everyone made that technology. Also another point is that some people had to be really creative and imaginative to create a movie, but because some were more people were able to be less creative and lazy in order to get this great result. I’m sure more people could argue on both sides and bring up many more points and I’m not sure, I feel like the more technology progresses the less human contact we have but also the more we can work together so it is difficult to say what way it goes more.


Video Making

Recently we were assigned in our computer class to create a music video. My group chose to use the program Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. Let’s just say that I have a new appreciation for people who have that as a regular job. I had no idea all the work that went into it and how much time it would take! Ours was not professional at all and it was still a huge task. I can’t imagine all the time it took to sort through video clips from the movie Fast Five for example. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s over with.

Education is Broken

This Chris Lehmann is amazing! I wish this was thought of a long time ago! I am almost done high school and feel a lot of it wouldn’t have been a waste to me at the time if this approach had been taken! I agree with what he says in the building workers. I don’t want to just be a worker I want to be human! Family and friends are important to me as well! Anyways check out the video, I can’t really say it any better than he does.

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Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

I watched a Youtube video that was called Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy. For the most part the guy talking made a lot of sense and I agreed. However then I got to thinking it over and realized he was far off on a lot of what he was saying. First off not everything is amazing! We would be kidding ourselves if we even tried to think that for one second. Yes there is a lot of good in the world and in North America times are better than they were in the dirty thirties. However if you were to ask a starving child in Africa if they think everything is amazing, I highly doubt they would say yes. Or lets even bring it home for a minute, if you asked an abused wife or a child who just saw his mother hit they wouldn’t tell you everything is amazing or even fine. I agree that no body is happy and technology is partially to blame, but I think that’s because we are going to the wrong places for happiness. Money, cars, cell phones, big houses or new TV’s won’t make us happy. Everyone has heard that money won’t buy you happiness but what a lot haven’t heard is that Mammon is the key part to that. In 1 Timothy we hear that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). In other, older, translations however it is called Mammon, which can be found in Matthew 6:24, and Mammon is material wealth and riches. It includes so much more than just cash! Society keeps thinking that if only we had this or that we would be happier and better off, you can see it everywhere, advertising on TV, media in general, and it’s what our government is telling us! And look! Nobody is happy, which is the result of worshiping Mammon, who was thought to actually be a living thing! Funny how the Bible tells us this thousands of years before our time and yet we just don’t get it. Technology is part of the problem but it is not the whole thing. And finally, to wrap up my rant, I did not appreciate his comment on saying we are wasting it on the worst generation ever, I think those are the words he used. I am in that “new” generation everyone keeps slamming. I hear it all the time, we are spoiled, are always “give me give me” with not wanting to give anything in return. Yes some are like this but not all and I think the stereotyping needs to stop now. I work as a part time cashier at a store when I am not at school. Before that I worked at a fast food place, and I can easily say that the most demanding rude and arrogant costumers I had were always over 35! I am not saying in any way that they are all rude and arrogant and demanding but I am proving a point that every generation has its rotten apples and we should all just quit judging others and look at ourselves for a change and see how we can be better to those around us. Not thinking we deserve everything or even need everything for that matter!

Risk Reduction Strategies using Facebook

I personally think that if you have a need to worry about what you put on Facebook or what others will put on Facebook you will be linked with then you have more than a Facebook problem. If you are doing something that dumb and let someone take a picture of it, then you deserve to have your reputation ruined. It is silly that people want to do all the stupid things in life and expect not to face any consequences for it. Yes, I agree that Facebook does exaggerate things and makes some things to public. However,the simple way of dealing with this is just only posting stuff and doing stuff that you would be okay with others posting. Just be smart about what you post and do in public.

Mocha (my kitten)

So a few months ago my boyfriend (now my fiance) took me to the Humane Shelter here in Moose Jaw to look at the animals cause he knows I love doing that. He said on the way over that we didn’t need to buy a kitten today if there weren’t any we liked. However when we arrived I found her right away and she crawled right into my arms and we fell in love. One please can I have her look to him and she was mine! We named her Mocha cause that’s her colors. She is medium haired and so soft! Because she was very young when she lost her mother the vet has said that she won’t ever be the size she should be. So…this means I now always have a kitten-so to speak!

Technology for jaimee

So-technology has been a pretty bumpy road for me so far in life. Facebook and Email has been the extent to my knowledge with the computer. In this computer class I am hoping to have more of an understanding on how to search and display things properly on the internet. Also having more resources that I am able to use than I was before.